Join the Beerhive Affiliated Expert Group

At Beerhive we carefully guard the quality of our data. The group profile of a beer is a ‘smart average’ of the findings of : 1) the brewer 2) affiliated expert tasters and 3) “regular” beer lovers in the Beerhive community.

The more expert tasters we can identify for the 2nd group, the higher the quality of the beer profiles and the results of our algoritms to calculate similar beers, personalised suggestions, etc.

“everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t (Bill Nye)”

So if you are:

  1. an active member in a beer tasting club OR
  2. a certified ‘Cicerone’ / ‘Zythologist’ OR
  3. profesionally working with beer in a pub or restaurant with an excellent beer offering and reputation OR
  4. passionate about tasting beer with an impressive tasting history in other digital beer communities

… send a mail to to join the Beerhive Affiliated Expert Group. For Brewers we have a separate registration, check out our brewers page here.

What’s in it for you ?

  1. You contribute to improving the beer tasting skills of a large community of beer lovers and hence develop the beer culture in general
  2. Your consolidated expert feedback goes back to the brewer directly, who can further improve his brews based on your feedback. With the expert community you will really have impact.
  3. You’ll receive invitations to do joint Beerhive Expert tastings (in Belgium) where you can exchange experiences with other expert tasters and get access to new (sometimes exclusive) brews.