Beerhive will launch its app on the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival

A perfect fit

Last year we were already present on brewery’s Hof ten Dormaal lovely beer festival with the Beta version of our app. This year it will be the real thing both on Android & IOS. We reworked the full user experience based on the excellent feedback of +200 Beta users.

We are particularly happy we can launch “our baby” on this specific festival because its philosophy is a perfect match to what Beerhive wants to accomplish:

“giving the beer community a platform to exchange ideas on a beautiful product that is still in constant evolution through innovation”

For those interested in why and how this app came to life, the Beerhive team will do one of the breakout learning & info sessions. Make sure to be there cause we will be challenging the existence of “beer styles”.


When: Saterday April 14th (02:00PM – 22:00PM) and Sunday April 15th (12:00AM-20:00PM)
Location: De Hoorn (old Brewery of Stella Artois), Sluisstraat 79, 3000 Leuven – Belgium

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