... by analysing the festival beers in the Beerhive app

In April 2019, Leuven is beer capital of ‘the old continent’ again with 3 beautiful festivals: Leuven Innovation Beer Festival (April 13/14), Food & Hops (April 19/20) and Zythos (April 27/28).

On the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival & Zythos, Beerhive wants to reward the 3 festival visitors who entered most (complete) analyses of festival beers in the app. So:

1. Download the app in the Apple Appstore / Android Playstore, if you have the legal age to drink alcohol.

2. Enter min 5 complete analyses  of festival beers. See further what is considered as ‘complete’.

3. The 3 tasters with the most (complete) analyses will be rewarded with an exclusive beer box.

when do we consider an analysis 'complete' ?

Check nr 1:  you completed colour & all 6 flavour parameters (sweet, sour, bitter, hoppy, fruity, malty) of the festival beer.

Check nr 2:  you rated at least 1 of the 5 mouthfeel parameters (intensity, body, dryness, alcohol or carbonation).

Check nr 3: you identified minimum 2 aromas in the several aroma categories.