1.Terms of Use – Privacy policy

Following Terms of Use apply to the web site http://www.beerhive.com (“the web site”) and/or the mobile application called “Beerhive” (“the mobile application” downloadable in the Android Play Store and Apple iOS App store). May we ask you to carefully read these conditions before visiting and using the web site and/or mobile application. The use of this web site and/or mobile application means that you agree with the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of imkr BV. Should you not agree with the following Terms of Use or imkr BV’s Privacy Policy (like explained elsewhere on the site), we ask you not to use this site nor mobile application.

imkr BV reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time. The modified Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be published on the web site and mobile application. They are valid automatically 14 days after their publication on the web site and/or mobile application. The date will be mentioned below the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Until this date, the old Terms of Use and Privacy Policy remain valid and published on the web site and mobile application.

1.1 Juridical Information

This web site and mobile application have been created by imkr BV and are managed by imkr BV, tel.: +32 (0)477 64 01 46, info@beerhive.com, VAT: BE 0771 736 354, Leuven (Belgium).

1.2 Intellectual Property

The user recognizes that imkr BV’s web site and/or mobile application contain texts, pictures, photos, films, images, data, databases, software, brands, logos, names, trade and domain names as well as other elements that are protected by intellectual property belonging to imkr BV or third parties.

imkr BV allows you to view or download the information offered on this site and/or mobile application for personal use only. It is not allowed without written permission by imkr BV, to save the information offered on the web site and/or mobile application (except if it is necessary to have a look at the information concerned or to download it for personal use), to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, send, sell or transfer it or to grant rights to it to third parties.

1.3 Internet Communication Platform

The web site and mobile application are internet communication platforms that offer the user the possibility to engage in interaction. imkr BV offers no guarantee whatsoever concerning the offered information and can therefore not be held responsible for damages following the use of data exchanged and communicated through the site and/or mobile application by users or third parties. As a user of this site and/or mobile application, you are bound to send only relevant information and messages to the site and/or mobile application. You shall respect the principles of the web code (the behaviour rules concerning a decent use of the internet). Imkr BV reserves the right to publish, refuse or delete completely or partly the data entered by the users, without notice nor further explanation. The user recognises that the sent information becomes public, so that imkr BV can publish the information concerned on the web site and/or mobile application so it can be viewed by others, without the user being notified.

1.4 Improper use of the site

The user agrees : (i) not to use the web site’s or mobile application’s information for illegal purposes, (ii) not to use the web site or mobile application in such a way that it is damaged, transformed, or that interrupts or prevents access to the web site or mobile application, (iii) not to use the web site or mobile application to send viruses or for the transmission or distribution of material of a obscene or threatening nature and (iv) not to use the web site or mobile application in a way that will infringe the rights of a person, legal person or association.

1.5 Liability

imkr BV takes all reasonable precautions to assure that information published on the web site and/or mobile application is as correct as possible. However, errors and mistakes are possible. imkr BV offers the site and/or mobile application “as it is”, without giving any guarantees concerning the offered information. The user cannot suppose that the published information is always correct. If you wish to be certain of certain information, please contact imkr BV directly. The information on this web site and mobile application is modified regularly. imkr BV reserves the right to improve/modify the web site and/or mobile application at any time.

If any direct or indirect advices are given on the site and mobile application, these are given without any form of guarantee. imkr BV cannot be held responsible for these advices. You should always consult an expert for additional information concerning an advice relevant to your situation.

imkr BV cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or faults in the information posted on the site and mobile application, be it information posted on the site and/or mobile application by imkr BV or by third parties. Damages following the use of incorrect data or defaults of the web site or mobile application do not entitle you to any financial compensation. imkr BV disclaims any responsibility towards users or third parties for any direct, indirect, incidental, moral, material or profit loss or any other damage that is the consequence of the use or the interpretation of the information offered on the site and/or mobile application.

For the technical realisation of the web site and mobile application, imkr BV used best in class techniques. imkr BV cannot be held responsible for the temporary interruption or malfunctioning of the system.

You understand and accept that the use of the web site / mobile application and the information and/or data that you acquire through the web site / mobile application, is at your own risk and that you will solely be held responsible for any damage to your computer / mobile devices or loss of data following the download of certain data and/or information.

1.6 Proof and Law Applicable

The Belgian right is applicable to the web site and mobile application and its Terms of Use. Parties accept that electronic communication between them has legal force as written proof. In case of disagreements or disputes, only the courts of Leuven are qualified, unless urgent law stipulations do not accept their competency.

imkr BV disclaims responsibility for links to sites managed by third parties. The sites linked to imkr BV are developed by people over whom imkr BV excercices no control, therefore imkr BV disclaims responsibility for their content. The existence of links to these web site does not imply that imkr BV approves of the information on these sites, nor does it imply necessarily a collaboration between imkr BV and the owner of the web sites concerned. The web sites to which imkr BV has linked, can follow a privacy and security policy totally different compared to imkr BV’s policy.

2. Privacy

Data privacy is extremely important to imkr BV. Therefore, we want to communicate openly and be transparent on how Beerhive treats your personal data. This privacy policy has the objective to inform you of the data that Beerhive collects, why we collect this data, how we treat the data you provide to us, and what your rights are.

2.1 Who owns your data ?

The Belgian company, imkr BV, with registered office at Holsbeeksesteenweg 353, 3010 Leuven, registered in Crossroads Bank for Enterprises with company registration number 0771 736 354 (herein after referred to as “imkr BV”) is the responsible for processing and is controller of your personal data.

2.2 Which data do we collect ?

We collect only personal data that you wish to provide to us or that we need to offer our services to you. All the forms on our website and mobile application indicate which fields are required to complete, and which fields are optional. This is data that you provide to us directly for a specific purpose, which includes:

  • Login data, including information required to create a user account with the Beerhive app (login-ID/e-mail address, first & last name, password);
  • Personal contact information, including all information that imkr BV requires to personally contact you (such as first & last name,  telephone number, e-mail address, language, company name). If you provided your telephone number, our company will only contact you on this number (or by sms/mms if you provided your mobile phone number) if it is required to inform you on the questions or orders you made;
  • Payment information, among others to make purchases (like credit card number, expiry date, invoice address). Note: we don’t save payment or credit card data. We only use payment information in the context of your purchase of our “venue” solutions;
  • Birth date, to verify that you have the legal age to use an alcohol linked website or mobile application.
  • Beer analyses, which you built with our tools and which you store in our database to retrieve afterwards.

In the case of errors in these data, imkr BV can’t be held responsible for the impossibility to fulfill its obligations.

2.3 Why do we collect personal data ?

imkr BV can use your personal data for all or some of the following purposes:

  • Direct marketing : only if you specifically agreed to receive such messages.
  • Personalization: imkr BV can combine personal data with data destined to provide you a more complete view on yourself as consumer, by which imkr BV can give you a better and more personalized service ( sending newsletters, beer recommendations).
  • Optimization of the website: imkr BV also collects information in logfiles. This information is used for internal purposes, like traffic and profiling to further fine-tune our services offered on the website.
  • Other specific purposes : We can use your data for other specific purposes, like the daily operation and safety of our imkr BV / Beerhive websites, to conduct audits and to contact you for consumer surveys, when you agreed to this.

2.4 Do we share your personal data ?

Your personal data will in no case be given, transferred or sold to third parties. imkr BV can call upon service providers, representatives or contractors to provide services in name of imkr BV, such as providing you theimkr BV sites and the services that are available to you (such as delivery). It is possible that these external parties gain access to your personal data or need to process these. imkr BV requires by means of a written agreement of these third parties that they comply to all relevant legislation related to protection of data and security measures with regard to personal data.

imkr BV only shares data that is needed to deliver our products or to offer our services. Your personal beer analyses are used to calculated the aggregated average beer profile of a beer. These aggregated average profiles will be shared with other users, breweries and beer venues (beer festivals, shops, horeca). Since this is a calculated anomynised average of many analyses, your individual analyses are not shared with other parties as such.

2.5 Direct Marketing

As a customer, you can only receive promotional e-mails about our products in case you specifically agreed to this. If you no longer wish to receive these messages from imkr BV / Beerhive, you can, at all times unsubscribe by:

  • Clicking on the link at the bottom of our e-mails;
  • Sending an e-mail to info@beerhive.com

We will no longer include you in our mailings or newsletters. At any time you decide to no longer receive commercial or promotional information regarding our products and services or regarding products and services or our associated companies or business relations, you can unsubscribe.

2.6 What are your rights ?

Rights to information and access to personal data
You have the right to request imkr BV to gain access and to rectify your personal data or to limit the processing of your data. More specifically, you have the right to gain access to your personal data and the following information: the purposes of processing, the categories of personal data, the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data is provided or will be provided, more specifically recipients in third countries or International organisations, and, if possible, the period it is expected that your personal data will be stored and if not possible, the criteria that determine this retention period.

Right to rectification of data
The personal data needs to be accurate, and if needed, be updated. Therefore, you have the right to rectify your personal data.

Right to data portability
You have the right to obtain your personal data, provided to imkr BV, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and you have the right to transmit this data to another controller, if this is technically possible.

Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”)
You have the right to obtain from imkr BV the erasure of your personal data without undue delay, and imkr BV has the obligation to erase this data without undue delay when the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected (e.g. an order that was placed).

Right to restriction of processing
You have the right to obtain from imkr BV the restriction of processing when:

  • The accuracy of your personal data is contested by you, for a period enabling imkr BV to verify the accuracy of the personal data;
  • The processing is unlawful and you oppose the erasure of your personal data and you request the restriction of its use instead;
  • imkr BV no longer needs your personal data for the purposes of processing, but you require these for the establishment, exercise or defense of a legal claim.

Right to object
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for the specified purpose, to the extent the processing of data is not required for legal obligations and for the normal operations of the organization. imkr BV shall no longer process personal data in this case, unless there are legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms (e.g. in the context of a labor agreement).

2.7 Cookies

Certain categories of data are received and stored each time you have contact with us.
For example, like a lot of other websites, we use “cookies” and we receive certain types of data when your web browser opens the Beerhive websites (e.g. which pages are visited). This way, we can adapt our site better to your expectations. We don’t use this data for profiling of our visitors.

2.8 Safety

imkr BV makes efforts to implement and maintain the appropriate measures to ensure that the safety, integrity and privacy of the personal data you provided is not abused. When processing your personal data, we take reasonable measures to protect this information from loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modifications or deletion.

We use different technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data and to help prevent theft, abuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, modifications and deletion of your information. For example, we maintain the data provided by you on computer systems with limited access and in controlled environments. In addition, we require our external datacenter providers to take appropriate security measures. While transferring your data through internet, your data is protected by encryption. Your password is encrypted and can’t be made legible, which means it can’t be recovered or be disclosed by anybody, not even by imkr BV.

For questions about the safety of your personal data you can contact us through info@beerhive.com

2.9 Links to other websites

Our website and mobile can contain links to other websites. When you leave the site and visit another website, it is possible that other privacy practices are applied and that another privacy policy is applicable of which imkr BV has no control and for which we are not responsible.

2.10 Children

Our website and mobile app is not aimed at individuals that don’t have the age of 18 years. We don’t purposefully collect data of these individuals. They can only use the services of our site in the presence of a parent or guardian and only with their permission. If, after reporting of a parent or guardian, or after discovery in another way, it seems that a child younger than 18 years is registered unjustly with false data, we shall remove the account of the child and delete the personal data of the child from our registration.

2.11 Retention

imkr BV retains personal data no longer then strictly needed for the offering of our services or products, to perform transactions you have requested or for essential purposes like respecting our legal obligation, the settlement of potential disputes and to comply with our agreements. Because these needs can differ, the retention periods can also differ considerably.
We can maintain your personal data after a last interaction with imkr BV for a reasonable period for example to follow-up on an order. When the personal data we collected is no longer required for the purpose for which they were maintained, we will delete them in a secure way.

2.12 Legal requirements

imkr BV can divulge your personal data if it legally needs to or if imkr BV, in good faith, judges that such divulgation is reasonably necessary to fulfill legal procedures or to react on potential claims.

2.13 Mergers & Acquisitions

In case of a partial or complete merger or partial or complete acquisition of imkr BV by another company, the company that acquires imkr BV shall receive access to the information that is maintained by imkr BV, but is also bound to the same obligations with regard to your personal data.

2.14 Transfer of data (outside EEA)

imkr BV has implemented appropriate measures to protect your personal data when these are transferred internationally, for example by using standard contractual clauses as approved by the European Commission. Your protection is hereby guaranteed.
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2.15 Entry into force and modifications

This policy is created and enters into force as from 01/01/2019.
We maintain the right to, if it is deemed necessary, to change, modify, add or delete (parts) of this policy. You have to consult this page regularly to familiarize yourself with the latest version of this policy, because your continued use of this website after the publication of modifications to these clauses will mean that you accept these modifications. We will never make important changes retroactively to our use of your personal data without requesting your permission.

If you have questions on the use of your personal data or about the security of our website, contact us by sending an e-mail to info@beerhive.com

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, imkr BV is controller for the personal data we collect and to which this privacy policy applies. Our addres is Holsbeeksesteenweg 353, 3010 Leuven, Belgium